Start Dating a cancer leo cusp

Dating a cancer leo cusp

Often thought of as infuriating, Cancer woman is rather~ misread.

Though it may sound like she is upset with you, she is simply venting in general.

She is sensitive but not only with herself but to those around her.

Some would rather not put the work in and that is fine with her.

She is one of those signs that doesn’t need, she has to want.

She will give you a relationship that is as exciting as it is stable.

You will know a passion that could felt deep down in your bones and you will never forget how loved you are.

She feels her way through life’s decisions and does not look back. For all her shyness and general reserve, she admires and appreciates a partner who is confident and forth-coming.

So in order to seduce her, she needs to be in the mood. If you are less than that and she finds out, you are cut off completely and irrevocably.

You leave her a good morning note on her car after a date, and it shows you think about her.

You surprise her with a candlelight dinner at your place and she will know you want her to get comfort-able because you are not going anywhere. Though do not be surprised if she makes you chase her time and time again.

If she is in no mood to date, you won’t get to even knock on her door. Once a Cancer woman decides to have a partner if her life, whether it’s a booty call situation or a relationship, she takes it seriously. If you are looking for more than just a “friends with benefits” relationship then do everything you can to appeal to her emotional side.