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The youngest boy was originally due to stand trial with his co-accused, but at the last minute his case was sent back to the Children's Court where, over the past two weeks, he has been on trial.

His then-lawyer, Helen Prince, had argued her client could be released and placed in the care of his then 22-year-old brother, who owned the house where the boy, his parents and siblings had been living.

The brother was studying full-time at TAFE, but a bail hearing was told he needed to find a job to pay the mortgage.

Why was a boy of primary school age roaming the city streets with a violent mob in the early hours of the morning?

Where were his parents and why wasn't he at home safe with his family, like the thousands of other children who hours earlier had enjoyed the Australia Day fireworks?

Since the early recognition of the high floral diversity in SWA and subsequent recognition of high faunal diversity, much discussion has focused on the origins of this rich endemic biota.

Two alternative models have been proposed—the Multiple Invasion Hypothesis and the Endemic Speciation Hypothesis.

All involved had armed themselves with weapons, including Mr Slater who had a machete.

The eight members of the 11-year-old's group were seen carrying and throwing items including rocks, bottles, a metal bar socket, a star picket and a timber pole. They recorded Mr Slater being chased by the eight men and boys up a set of stairs on the concourse of the Esplanade train station.

The unfortunate reality is that this child, as is the case with countless others, never stood a chance of having what most people in modern day Australia might consider a "normal" life.

The boy is one of the younger children from a large family from Perth's southern suburbs.

The brother also admitted having six prior convictions for driving while under suspension or disqualification, and because of that was subject to a suspended prison term.