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R9--so true about Canadian skaters--they read as sort of flat when they perform--stolid--though, strangely enough, I think Patrick Chan has developed in this area. I watched the ones I was interesting on youtube this morning as I was sleeping when they were live. ESP commentators quite a bit--they talk less, but keep track of what's going on.

Thank the gods for Nathan Chen--the ladies are in full melt-down mode--damn, I miss reliable old Polina Edmunds--who actually won the Four Cs a couple of years back. They should send Wagner, Nagasu and Chen to worlds. You will find videos of today's FS for all of them.

Sending both Chen and Bell to worlds is a disaster in the making. Eventually, the sport will have to limit the jumps and start doing things to re-emphasize artistry and actual blade work. Just search for "name 4 continents" or something like this.

Massot sometimes looks like a deadwood just there to throw Aljona somewhere. Btw, has Ilyushechkina get Canadian citizenship yet?

Will she manage to get it in time for the Olympics?

S/D are new like H/K as they were born out of the Hurtado/Diaz split. She looked terrible.) Their FS had emotional, almost mournful music and she had a huge smile on her face the whole time. (Case in point, their star-making Umbrellas of Cherbourg.)After winning the last two Worlds, Duhamel/Radford are in real danger of being off the Olympic podium. Duhamel's lack of "artistry" has always been one of their problems.

So there is more chance of improvement and anyway they start from the same level (34-35 points). Even when they are between elements they are able to skate with feeling and in unison so that it's interesting to watch. We have real contenders in Sui/Han, Savchenko/Massot and multiple Russian teams (including my fave Stolbova/Klimov.)Skate Canada is in a real pickle. (And it seems they've largely written Weaver/Poje and Gilles/Poirier off.) The women are a real long shot. And Radford is not exactly full of personality either.

I didn't realize it until last month but the girl from the Danish ice dance couple is Canadian and they don't have much hope to get the citizenship in time. So the spot (because they are likely to get one of the 17 Olympic spots available at 2017 Worlds) will likely go to another nation. Because otherwise the whole partnership wouldn't make much sense. The second French couple have citizenship issues also.

Some of the Ice Dance couples "on the bubble" for the last qualification spots could have issues.. So if James/Morgan manage to qualify 2 spots, they could be without a second couple available.

Hurtado/Khaliavin won the National Championships and went to the Euros (13th place IIRC).

Their best TES is 35.7 at Mentor Torun Cup in January.

The funny thing about Smart/Diaz is how they are tied with Hubbel/Donohue. Love both Sui & Han's programs this year, especially their SP. But Patrick Chan and Duhamel/Radford are on the bubble. They have always tried to make up with technical content.