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Big beautiful women dating mississippi

"Telling someone about your MS is a struggle for many reasons.

"I definitely feel like I am more comfortable with who I am and, subsequently, I have fewer expectations from others.

I realize I have to make the decision to make myself happy," Mullis tells Web MD.

There's not a good in-between language for people to comfortably talk about sexuality," Foley tells Web MD.

"If you can get people to talk about sexuality, they can sometimes solve their own problems," he adds.

Because there are so many, there's a good probability that there's going to be a lesion somewhere along the way," says Frederick W.

Foley, Ph D, a neuropsychologist and expert on sexual dysfunction in people with MS. That's when MS symptoms or medical interventions interfere with sexual function or expression.

Though the path to a satisfying relationship may require unexpected U-turns and alternate routes, make no mistake: People with MS can and do date, experience intimacy, and thrive in long-term relationships. "But as soon as you've decided that this person is worth more of your time and attention, I think it's important to start sharing all kinds of information about yourself." Even then, you can't guarantee what kind of response you'll get.

For a glimpse of what adults with MS can expect en route to building and maintaining relationships, we turned to the experts: adults living with MS, and the professionals who help them along the way. That's what 28-year-old Michele Mullis, who's had MS for five years, has learned.

For him, that means accepting the fact that he can't always maintain the same pace as his partner as they walk through the streets of New York, despite having once jogged together at an even pace.

For many couples with MS, it means being up front about problems of sexual dysfunction, which affect up to 80% of all adults with MS.

Despite the high incidence of sexual dysfunction among adults with MS, experts say it's often reversible.