Start Dating longcase clock hands

Dating longcase clock hands

Its name was taken from the word latten, meaning brass which became the lantern clock’s standard material.

A common feature of lantern clocks is its alarm function which is done and set by turning a small dial inside the main dial.

It’s a commonplace to set mantle clocks on a mantelpiece, so they’re named, but you can also place them on a shelf and above the fireplace.

The earliest forms of bracket clocks were made around 1658 in Holland, reaching the peak of their development in England.

Bracket clocks drive their mechanism by relying on a coiled spring with a short pendulum instead of a long weighted one thus they are also referred to as spring clocks. It has a velvet-covered rectangular dial with chapter ring and spandrels.

This kind of bracket clock is usually hung on the wall by 2 iron loops attached to the back board.

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Throughout the years, antique mantel clocks have become one of the most celebrated of all clocks.