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#13: The style of dress is casual and general in the daytime.

Most media sources and tourist areas still have Spanish language resources.

Do NOT bring illegal drugs, animal products and agricultural items.

#8: Avoid swimming in fresh water pools that do not contain chlorine.

It is considered offensive to enter malls,governmental buildings, museums, churches etc. #14: Maintaining manners and being polite to the locals is appreciated. #15: A tip is usually added onto your bill in hotels and restaurants, but extra tips are welcome if you were impressed by the hospitality, food and service.

#16: There are internet cafes throughout the island so you will never be out of touch.

#7: When you are flying into the Domincan Republic you are allowed to bring 200 cigarettes or one box of cigars, two bottles of perfume (opened and for your own use), gifts up to $100 and one litre of liquor.

Baggage is declared upon arrival on the island and when you depart.

#3: Get your travel vaccination shots before you leave your home destination.