Start Dating antique tools

Dating antique tools

With no experience and nothing to go on, Clete finds himself in over his head when local toughs discover his inquiry and attempt to silence him.

Super glue eventually plays a role in getting the villain to confess.

Most are common tools: saws, hammers, chisels, braces, axes, adjustable wrenches and vintage product signs.

The product of eighteen years' research, the site is revised as new information comes to light.

A retired packing plant worker, he spends his time building furniture in the two-story-shed behind his home.

Clete has just put his life back together follwing a personal disaster when the woman's body is found in an abandoned car, and he becomes prime suspect in a murder case.

Cletus wants the matter settled, but when the police department mysteriously drops the investigation, he can't let it go and vows to crack the case.

Gehring is the owner of two related businesses in Watervliet: Brown Tool Auctions and The Fine Tool Journal.

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