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Hopefully I see him again this year and be able to get him for my daughter Description: I have this 8 point buck coming to my food plot daily for a snack. My son wants to hunt, so what better way to enjoy time with him.

we thought he had a hernia but when it was cut open it was a pocket of pus (infection) we think it someone miss placed there shot.

I spent a lot of hours reading, researching, and prospecting!

After I put this camera out, it proved that I was doing something right.

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The photo was taken with your Vision 16 Lights Out camera taken October 2, 2017 on my hunting property.

Once I started walking back out of the woods, very discouraged, I happened to walk right over it.

After looking at the card I found that after these two finished wrestling, they tore my camera down.

This photo was taken in Central Texas, and demonstrates the clarity and sharpness this camera takes, even in an action shot.