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After watching him work his magic and how detailed he was, even up on the 2 story of the house and the chimney, I was really glad Robert and I didn’t attempt this one ourselves.

For the colors, we chose Romabio Classico Limewash in Bianco White (you can see all of the Romabio colors here), Behr Cracked Pepper for the shutters, gutters, and spouts, and Behr Ultra Pure White for the trim since we wanted a modern take on a classic look.

One tip Hans told me: You want to make sure you apply the limewash on a warm, sunny day because the sun bakes it to be a bright white finish. And of course, Robert immediately put up our American flag when the job was officially finished. Like I said, our landscaping still needs some love.

(Do you stalk old high-end neighborhoods in your city?