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Mature 121 chat

If you are in doubt or need more space, contact a staff member. You may use something as simple as a one-block high wall as a border around your property.

Again, just an educated guess, but with more data from the canon comes a more reliable estimate. Given the age of puberty is around 13ish years and the average life expectancy of human is what?

Hope you have fun :) IF YOU WANT TO SPOIL ME SEND GIFT CARDS TO [email protected]//all items done in British pound // Pay.-.

Allow yourself and other bases 500-1000 block radius.

Thoroughly scout the area, including caves for the underground dwellers.

Any discovered bug should be reported to server owner and/or staff in a private message through our forums.

BUILDING AT SPAWN: You are allowed to build one survival house and/or shop in spawn within a plot no larger than 15x15.

We'll take the average and say he was born in 2155, so he's 30 "now." Before that time (working backwards) he was a doctor in Omega, a member of the Genophage renewal STG team, a solider/commando of some kind before qualifying for STG (giving rise to the amazing quote "Have killed many, Shepard. Gunfire, knives, drugs, tech attacks, once with farming equipment."), and then he must also have been a student for a while before becoming such a respected scientist.

Mordin's operation in Omega seems well-established, but given that only certain people seem to have heard of him, we can assume it's fairly recent. The way Mordin talks about his fond memories of the Genophage project, it sounds like a more substantial amount of time, probably at least a year, maybe 2-3.

Yes, this is going to be lengthy like a typical EULA or To S. You can skim it quickly and claim to have read it so you can get on with your application process or you can take a few minutes to actually read and understand the contents.

Those that do the latter will do better on this server in the long run. NO GAME MODIFICATIONS EXCEPT ONES LISTED BELOW: Acceptable modifications are Lite Loader, Voxel Map, and Opti-Fine.

If you can see another player's base from your own, you are too close.