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15 Favorite Couples As everyone knows, don’t watch Korean dramas if you don’t like romance. And you can’t truly enjoy a romantic drama if you don’t root for the couple.

We thought Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) and Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae) were perfect for each other, regardless of the actors. The story of the robotic idol and the bubbly older singer.

The story of a cranky guy who has been so in love with a girl for 10 years that not only does the love not die after she gets engaged to his friend, he falls for her in a different body and freaking recognizes her. She can talk to everybody, and he can talk to no one, and seeing them together made for a such an awkward coupling that we couldn’t help but root for them to be together.

Their onscreen chemistry sizzled while BTS pictures showed them getting closer … And there were no exes anywhere in the plot; they loved only each other. Have you ever fallen in love with a couple on premise alone?

In our opinion, this drama was polarizing based on actor chemistry, not character chemistry.

While their young marriage struggled through the difficulties of palace life and politics, our appreciation for their funny, lovely, and touching scenes swelled, but we were craziest about them when they made up and made out just a few steps closer to the bedroom. If love was not spoken, then, these two best demonstrated it through actions. We always believe that love is like an extremely close friendship.

The Dooley Couple (Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye) understood each other more than anybody.

The drama itself went off into crazy-ville, but many of us tuned in just to see Mae Ri (Moon Geun Young) and Moo Kyul (Jang Geun Suk). They not only took us to the edge of the cliff, but pushed us over when Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na became a real couple.

Pretty sure it was that “tiptoe kiss” that let the cat out of the bag. -Tessieroo) Perfect pairing, perfect timing, perfect story—that doesn’t happen much.

), we couldn’t help but love them, as they crossed things off Yeon Jae’s bucket list together. *sniff* We hate when we love the second lead guy the most in a series.

We wonder how many people signed up for dance lessons after this. ” That was the question the drama repeatedly asked for what felt like 97 years, but who did not fall in love with Yoon Jae (Seo In Gook)? We’re surprised they didn’t make a baby right there (we love cable! Pil Joo was the typical male second lead, who suffered from a love that could have been.

Friends since childhood, we watched in anticipation as he crushed on her big time and wanted to shake her when she didn’t realize how much she was already in love with him. We always whine about Korean dramas being cliché, using the same plot, but we welcome it when the characters are so impeccably matched that it’s a disgrace and shocking when she goes back to her cheating-cheater boyfriend who cheats. Great comedic timing together, too; they just GOT each other. We admire second lead guys when they are brave enough to let go because sometimes, that kind of gesture means loving more, too.