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Eileen Wilkinson is a 100-year-old grandma who loves to share her worldly advice with other people – and what better way than to counsel stressed out New Yorkers from the comfort of her living room?

where they will lose their jobs as classroom assistants due to budget cuts. more Foster Grandparents Fernanda Woolford, left; and Audrey Fernandes, outside Jettie Tisdale School in Bridgeport, Conn.

I’m there to take that load off (of the teachers).” This week Woolford and 82 other participants were notified that the federally-funded program ends Friday after two decades.

“It’s very sudden,” said Audrey Fernandes, who has been a foster grandparent for six years. ‘Pack your stuff and get out’.” Started in the late 1990s, the foster grandparent program has been overseen by the Child & Family Guidance Center. They are paid around $2 an hour and reimbursed for meals and transportation.

“I can’t emphasize enough this is an invaluable program, but we could not sustain it.” Mary Krotki is a fifth grade teacher at Tisdale and furious over the loss of the program. We have people in the upper echelons (of the public schools) making big bucks, and we’re cutting a program. “These grandparents greet kids in the morning and the kids look forward to seeing their faces. It’s another connection some of them don’t’ have at home.” “We’re just beside ourselves here,” Krotki said.

Bettie Cook has been a foster grandparent for 14 years.

Over the course of the last 3 months, Wilkinson has given advice to hundreds of New Yorkers who sought the wisdom of a seasoned senior.

"I can see him, hear him, and talk to him--even 15 miles away in my office!

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