Start Iranin dating

Iranin dating

Their backgrounds ran the gamut, from Republicans to Democrats, from hard-core nationalists loyal to the shah to sympathizers of President Mohammad Khatami.

A 16-year-old Iranian woman in New York who surfs cyberspace with the name "Angel Love" was unavailable for an interview because "My dad is here," she said.

"Iranians don't date," said Amin, "or at least not in the open.

" As it turned out, all the messages were streaming in from Iran. In the Islamic republic, the most innocuous forms of courtships are prohibited.

Even in the most religious parts of the country, young Iranians log on to the world from the sanctity of their own homes, and flirt away to their hearts' content, even arranging secret rendezvous with someone who may turn out to be a neighbor.

Right know i did not have say abou myself I perefer find man for marrrige.

I want to travel but i am alone I am fat and wants to lose wight.

Much more outrageous antics hardly get a response now, he said.

The entrepreneur Amin said one optional question on asks members to rate their sex drive. But "it's surprising how many people answered it." In order to foster a civil and literate discussion that respects all participants, FRONTLINE has the following guidelines for commentary.

I want a friend or relationship I am a lovely and kind girl, I care about people and I respect them. there is love in this world I am passionate about my dreams, even when I'm nothing yet, I try my best I've got master in civil Engineering, I'm simple and easygoing, i'm seeking a serious man who is serious in marriage and starting a new marital life.

At the turn of the 21st century, I noticed a flood of messages from Iranian strangers each time I logged on to my instant messenger service. Authorities patrol the streets, detaining couples in public, ordering them to show proof of an Islamically sanctioned relationship.

published its first issue in September 1995, and long before the first blog it began serving as a communal bulletin of ideas for a young generation of Iranians everywhere.

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