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During a leaving speech in Minneapolis on Thursday night, the Democrat promised his supporters that he would keep fighting for his beliefs as a political activist. Franken, who announced his resignation after accusations of sexual misconduct, is stepping down officially on Tuesday after eight years in the Senate.

'Here is my promise to you: I may be leaving the Senate, but I am not giving up my voice,' Franken said according to CBS Minnesota.'We still have a lot of work to do together on issues ranging from net neutrality and climate change ... During his farewell speech Thursday on Capitol Hill last Friday, Sen.

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Outgoing Minnesota Senator Al Franken says he may be leaving office, but he's not giving up his voice.

and we still have to be ready to speak out for economic justice and to defend the truth.' The former 'Saturday Night Live' comedian said he didn't know what to expect when he first ran for office, 'and of course, neither did Minnesotans.'Franken thanked his wife, Franni, their family and his staff as well as Minnesota's senior senator, Democrat Amy Klobuchar. Franken tore into President Trump and his fellow Republicans on a number of issues from treatment of LGBT rights to climate change and the middle class.'As I leave the Senate, I have to admit that it feels like we're losing the war for truth,' Franken said in his final speech on the Senate floor. If that's what happens, then we have lost the ability to have the kinds of arguments that help build consensus.''During his inaugural address, President Trump vowed that 'the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,' Franken said.

He said he still feels like 'the luckiest kid in the world.'Franken announced his plans to resign earlier this month amid a string of sexual misconduct allegations. 'But the Republican tax bill represents a slap in the face to those forgotten men and women.

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